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January 27, 2009


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Couldn't agree with you more, KP. My parents grew up during the Depression and we're far from those times. There are so many options these days for financial support that simply didn't exist then. But just as reporters love to find a local angle for every disaster in another part of the country, so we're looking to make our problems today bigger than those of the past. They aren't, and I really don't think they ever will be, thank God. I mean, I can remember "stagflation" and the Carter/early Reagan years, when unemployment was much higher than it is now. Is it discouraging to think that we may not have all the little luxuries we enjoyed during the days of free credit -- yeah. But I agree with George Will (!) that the American consumer was in serious need of a wake-up call that we were not spending (and saving) wisely. Something from the Great Depression I would like to see return, though, are men in snap-brim fedoras and women in bias-cut dresses.

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